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ICS Components is an innovative development company, leading and focused LCD display interface solutions with motivated and experienced engineers.

If your design requires standard to non-standard display interface or a quality custom display controllers, ICS Components is your knowledgeable and reliable source.

Our dedicated R&D center of qualified engineering specialists and technical sales forces will help and guide you through from display concept to fully working solution. ICS Components has over 20 years experience specializing in display solutions in TFT flat panel displays.

The product development strategy of ICS Components presents many advantages for you and your customers.

  • Only professional quality products development
  • Innovative and inventive products development
  • Demand-sensitive and market-oriented development

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About Company


ICS Components Co., Ltd. is a specialist Display Component Developer and Integrator providing products and solutions to the Commercial, Retail, Medical, Industrial and Aerospace and Defense markets based in South Korea.

We also have a dedicated R&D center (under registration by Korean Government) of qualified engineering specialists and technical sales forces who will help and guide you through from display concept to fully working solution. ICS Components has over 20 years experience specializing in display solutions and over 15 years know-how in TFT flat panel displays.

Matching up a quality controller board with your LCD display, while staying within your budget, can be a difficult task. As an experienced partner in the LCD display field, ICS Components offers a full range of driver board options to choose from.

Whether you have strict noise requirements, multiple inputs (Analog RGB, NTSC/PAL Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, etc.), uncommon resolutions, panel enhancements that the board needs to work with, or just plain want something that works with a new panel that you are designing into your product, we are here to help. We can Meet Any Display.

As a key partner behind the brand to the world's largest OEM, EMS market, and after-market service providers of technology products, ICS Components is one of only a few companies worldwide to design and integrate a full range of standard & custom LCD driving solutions, including touch screen displays, LCD kits, LCD open frames, controller boards, and LCD screens.

Own Technology

  • Unique design ability based on devices, controller and system design experience
  • Superior engineers about H/W and S/W of Display & Application System
  • System Know-How for all TFT LCD display system
  • Lot of Experience for display system design for many years, many companies
  • High reliable products
  • Compact development process (Short development and customizing leadtime)
Technology Contents
FPD Operation knowledge LCD/PDP Module and Controller operating skills
Software/Firmware Engineering 16/8bit MCU System Firmware skills for FPD Embedded System
System Hardware Engineering System Hardware skills for FPD


Period Customer Project Solution Remarks
1997.01 ~ 1997.12 A(USA) 15.1" LCD Monitor Genesis First penetration into consumer market
1998.01 ~ 1999.02 H(France) 18.1" LCD Monitor Macronix Dual Input
1999.01 ~ 2000.02 A(USA) 22" LCD Monitor Silicon Image DFP I/F
2000.11 ~ 2001.03 L(Korea) 15.0" LCD Smart Panel Genesis Dual Input, External TCON
2001.06 ~ 2001.10 L(Korea) 15.0" LCD Smart Pane Philips Dual Input, External TCON
2002.01 ~ 2002.07 L(Korea) 15.0" LCD Monitor TV NTSC TV
2002.04 ~ 2002.10 H(Korea) 17.0" I-Module Dual + AV without Timing Controller
2003.02 ~ 2003.07 C (Korea) 17 & 19 Industrial Monitor Genesis Industrial Monitor
2003.12 ~ 2004.05 L (Korea) PDP TV Genesis 40"/60" PDP Panel
2003.08 ~ 2003.12 S (Germany) Industrial Controller Realtek/Mstar Industrial/Medical/Gaming Monitor
2004.01 ~ 2004.07 H (Korea) 17" WIDE LCD TV OPlus iDTV, DVB-T
2004.08 ~ 2004.10 L (Korea) 37" LCD TV Altera NTSC, FPGA Digital Mixer Development
2003.08 ~ 2004.12 D (Korea) 42" LCD TV Philips UOCII PAL/SECAM Multi, G-TV Platform
2004.11 ~ 2005.03 P (Korea) 50" PDP VSC Board Genesis Malibu NTSC, PAL/SECAM, Multi, VSC Board
2005.07 ~ 2006.05 B (Turkey) LCD TV Mstar Olga PAL/SECAM
2007.02 ~ 2007.12 B (Korea) LCD TV Genesis Oak NTSC/ATSC
2008.01 ~ 2008.12 T (Italy) LCD TV Genesis Cortez PAL/SECAM A/iDTV DVB-T
2009.01 ~ 2009.06 S (Korea) Long Distance Monitor Realtek/Intersil 300m transmission
2010.07 ~ 2011.12 Italy QHD/WQXGA AD Board Realtek Industrial Monitor
2011.09 ~ 2011.11 USA 3D Converter Board(3D Panel) Gaming Monitor
2012.03 ~ 2012.09 General Single Core Android Board Amlogic
2013.05 ~ 2013.11 General Dual Core Android Board Amlogic
2013.09 ~ 2013.10 General Transparent LCD Show Case
2014.07 ~ 2014.12 Germany UHD(4K2K) Board Realtek
2015.05 ~ 2015.09 Korea 10.1" POP Advertisement Terminal POP Terminal
2017.03 ~ 2017.08 Korea FHD/UHD Car Monitor
2017.05 ~ 2017.10 General Octa Core Android Solution Amlogic
2019.02 ~ 2019.08 Korea 19.2", 21.3", 28.6" Stretched Monitor
2020.01 ~ 2020.05 USA FHD Board for Casino Application Mstar Gaming Monitor
2020.10 ~ 2021.01 USA UHD Board for Casino Application Realtek Gaming Monitor