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Optical Bonding

The real problem for display readability in outdoor environments is not the display’s brightness but its contrast.
The main purpose of optical bonding is to increase the display’s contrast ratio by reducing the amount of reflected ambient light.
Our optical bonding technology uses Dupont Vertak for optical-grade adhesive on the whole surface of LCD module, to glue anti-reflection glass, plastic, and touch panel. (LCD Cover Glass Bonding & Touch Screen Bonding)

Glass Thickness

It depends on the customer’s need (o.7, 1.1, 1.5, 3.0mm)

Anti-Glare (AG) Etching

An AG etch is a chemical surface treatment that scatters secular reflections into a wide viewing cone to reduce the apparent image of the source

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating

AR coatings are multi-layer coatings which reduce the reflection from the glass surface and may be placed over non-AG or AG etched glass

Anti-Smudge (AS) Coating

AS coatings are hydrophobic nanocoating applied to an AR coated glass to reduce the visiblity of finger prints and ease the cleaning of coated glass

EMI Shielding/ EMI Gasket

PCB Board level EMI Shielding

EMI screening covers for PCBs were developed to shield only a part of electronic equipment from electromagnetic radiation at the source, rather than all components in the entire housing.

Cable EMI Shielding

Most of our peripheral cables are wrapped with EMI Shielding tape. Cable wrapping is used to shield, ground and also statically discharge cables or harness entire bundles of cables. The tape consists of wire mesh shielding fabric and electrically conductive transfer adhesive backing.

Water sealing EMI Gaskets for panel

The panels can be protected with cost-effective combinations of an EMI shielding gasket and a water seal. The gasket consists of neoprene foam cores to guarantee optimal shielding and sealing performance. For special applications, different cores and conductive foils and fabrics are available.

Mesh Foil

Mesh foil is a very fine wire mesh laminated between two layers of transparent foil. The wires are so fine that you can hardly see them. The mesh, fully integrated in the foil, is protected by a scratch resistant layer so it is easy to apply onto LCD glass. Depending on the mesh quality it covers anything between 10 kHz and 30 GHz. The finer the mesh, the more effective it is for reducing high frequencies. A seal with a water/EMI gasket is another option.

Polyurethane Coating

All of our quality display controller boards are blue-color Polyurethane coated.
The water & dust-proof and insulating coating effectively isolates and protects circuits against chemicals, moisture, corrosion, and shocking as well.