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ICS Open Frame Displays - Premiere Embedded Industrial Displays
Durable, Quality Drop-In Chassis Mount Displays For Any Application

For both commercial and industrial applications, ICS open frame displays provide durable and quality embedded displays at an affordable price. Perfect for gaming, ATM machines, simulators, kiosk displays, and much more, ICS open frame displays offer easy integration for maximum flexibility. Featuring a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, the applications are nearly limitless -- open frame displays can fit snugly into instrumentation/control panels or be used for digital signage. With ICS technology, it's all possible.

ICS Standard Open Frame Displays

ICS decided and adapted the most popular wishes for open frame displays from our 15 years experience and now introduces a new family of ICS Standard Open Frame Display collection; SOF-series.

Bezel Mount Displays

For flexible arrangement, mounting options and faster, easier set-up, ICS offers Bezel Mount Displays; SBM-series, the right choice for your mounting applications.

Open Frame Type Design

Design your own! We are helping you to define your space, size, interface, application and so on.
Our “Custom Configurator” allow you to quickly and easily build your own unique displays.
These tool allow you to select the dimension, interface, brightness, touch function and etc.