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• Cost and Time saved by Press NCT (Numerically Controlled Turret)
• Stiffness reinforcement of curvature : Design of rear bracket elasticity (800R curved)
• V2B Edge Type, LGP Pattern Optimization for Curvature
• Curved maximally by Board ass’y slim etching

Model No. ND420EUN-SADC1
Resolution 1920x1080
Interface LVDS
Active Screen Size 41.92inches(1064.77mm) diagonal
40.56inches(1030.24mm) diagonal [*Curved]
Outline Dimension 1006.8(H) × 582.3(V) X 21 mm(*W/O Bracket)(D)
944.48(H) × 582.3(V) X 21 mm(*W/O Bracket)(D) [*Curved]
Luminance, White 350 cd/m2 (Center 1point ,Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Power Consumption Total 75.432W
Viewing Angle (CR>10) 89/89,9/89
Weight 12.3 kg